UnicornGO is a cryptocollection game featuring advanced graphics and elements of full-scale gameplay. It also supports geolocation assets and augmented reality. The game is based on Ethereum and Universa and has its own currency — CANDYCOIN. Join us!

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Q1 2018
  • Conceptual Design
  • Development of the Genetic Model
  • Development of the Game Play Model
  • Start of MVP and Smart-Contract Development
  • Launch of the Landing Page and Members Area
  • Start of CandyCoin Presale
  • Launch of UnicornGO Profiles in Social Media
  • Finalizing a Plan for Implementing the Concept with Our Partners – IZETEX and Basis Neuro
  • Development of Visualization
  • Provision for Receiving Multi-Currency Payments
  • Start of the Referral and Bounty Programs
  • Publishing Legal Documents
  • Start of CandyCoin Presale. Possibility of Purchasing a Random Unicorn
  • Launch of UnicornGO game, v. 1.0. The release includes: possibility to buy/sell/exchange unicorns. The in-game economy based on CandyCoins will start working soon
  • Testing of the Augmented Reality System
  • There are 25,000 people in the UnicornGO society!
  • Traffic to unicorngo.io: 25,000 unique visitors a day
  • Listing Candy token on crypto exchanges
  • We will start publishing the Fairy-Tale about UnicornGO World
  • Our Society Is Expected to Grow Over 100,000 Users
Q2 2018
  • Launch of the Game 2.0
  • Features: animation, breeding, tournaments, accessories, land tokens, tree tokens and trunk boxes
  • Launch of a New Design of Our Website and Members Area
  • Launch of an Exchange to Trade In-Game Assets Based on ERC-721 Standard
  • Launch of the In-Game Forum
  • Implementation of the Augmented Reality System
  • New candies will be added! Candies for recovery of unicorns and candies for growth of new trees
Q3 2018
  • The summer will be spent on development of a virtual world with new planets. Geo positioning will be realized on Earth. A new interface will be introduced
  • Launch of Release 3.0
  • According to our expectations, the 3.0 version will include the following: augmented reality, quests and the functionality planned previously
Q4 2018
  • Transfer of the Game to Universa Platform
  • By Q4 2018, we’ll have created a big UnicornGO community which works within a framework of a balanced eco-system. The eco-system will include many types of collection-based crypto assets
  • Testing of the Neuro Interface System
Where to find information about the UnicornGO?
You can find detailed information about the project by reading WhitePaper, as well on our website
How to invest?
a. Register – on the site https://unicorngo.io/
b. Enter the address - your Ethereum wallet
(Attentions! Broker’s board wallet not work! They cannot be used! Coins do not come on exchange market. 100% No. Do not even try)
c. Buy tokens used SmartContract
What is the CANDY-coin?
CANDY-сoin This is the main and only project token.
Game resource released in limited numbers, once and for all. The total issue is 12,000,000 million units, which are registered on the protocol of the blockchain in the network Ethereum.
Why do need CANDY-coin?
The coin is the main tool for exchange in the game’s in-game economy.
I violate the paragraph 2.b I invested through the stock exchange, and the tokens did not come to me. What should I do?
You should turn to support team for UnicornGo
What is the Metamask?
This is a crypto-currency purse that is embedded in the browser Google Chrome. It is needed to simplify the transmission of ETHER (ETH) or ERC-20 tokens on the network Ethereum.
How can I communicate with the project team?
Oh sure. We are happy to chat with you in a telegram chat
I want to be advisor UnicornGo, what I need to do?
Contact the Support team and we will discuss this possibility with you.
How can I find out more information about the game?
Read WhitePaper. There is a detailed description of the game. And also subscribed to our channels in social networks (see paragraph 1).
Can I be 100% sure that I’ll receive tokens after I send Ethereum from my wallet?
Absolutely. Tokens are calculated automatically using SmartContract.
Is it possible to use BTC, BCC or other cryptocurrency?
Yes, list of all currencies:

Bitcoin cash
Ethereum Classic
I invested Eth, but there are no tokens in my wallet, what to do?
Contact Support team.
If I invite my friends to invest in your project, do I receive any bonuses for it?
In the personal cabinet of UnicornGo a special three-level referral system is designed. Copy the link from your personal cabinet and send it to a friend. Once the investment is received, you will immediately receive a bonus.

Level 1 - 7%
Level 2 - 3%
Level 3 - 0.5%
Where is your team situated and how many people are there?
We have currently 75 team members and we constantly grow bigger. We have an office with key employees at the moment, but the main part of our team is dispersed all around the globe.
Which legal jurisdiction do you have?
When is the game planned to be released?
March 2018
Will the game be available globally, are there any restrictions?
No restrictions are applied.
Will there be a localization for ... ?
We plan to translate the game in all main international languages.
How many coins will be sold and issued in total?
We are currently pre-selling 4 million of coins, 12 million of Candy Coins are issued in total.
Why do you sell so little coins? How will the rest of it be used?
We need coins in-game, besides we don’t want the whales to annihilate the balance.
How many coins will be redistributed within the team?
5% of total coins supply
If you sell so little coins, their price will rocket sky-high on exchanges and it will be very expensive to play the game!
We are aware of cryptocurrency economy, don’t worry. It is very important to us that the game gets a maximum widespread use. It won’t be expensive.
What is the minimum investment required to participate in the pre-sale?
There is absolutely no minimum. You can purchase even 1 coin. 10-20 coins will be enough at the beginning.
When will ICO finish? Have you reached sufficient softcap to launch the game?
We don’t conduct ICO. Maybe we will in 2019+ if there will be a necessity to expand the infrastructure. Now we are pre-selling. And we have collected more than enough to launch the game.
Will users be able to purchase Candy Coins with fiat? (paypal, visa, master e.t.c.)
Yes, as soon as we deal with legal affairs.
Will candy coin be publicly offered?
Yes, we have partnership with a company (separate team), which deals with this issue. They will start on the first of March. All funds and fees are reserved.
Which exchanges will coins be offered on?
We will send offer requests on all essential exchanges. All required assets: fees and deposits are reserved.
Since the game is decentralized what deals fees should be expected?
It’s hard to say at the moment, but we are going to migrate to UNIVERSA platform which has no fees at all.
How do you differ from CryptoKitties?
We have creature tournaments, ability to win gorgeous accessories and genetic lab where players are able to breed required species themselves.
Do you have referral program?
Yes, there is a section in your account where you may find the referral link.
Do I have an option to give a name to my unicorn and change it?
You can give them a name, but you can’t change it.
Will there be an in-game market/exchange house?
Yes, you are able to place unicorns and land on auction.
Which limited and valuable assets will be implemented in the game?
GENE 0 unicorns, land, candy coins.
So you can raise money by playing the game?
Yes, you can breed unicorns and sell them. You may also offer your unicorn for mating (for a price).
What are the GENE-0 unicorns?
These are unicorns who poses outstanding gene features and will be implemented by the developers during the start process in limited quantities. The overall number is 30.000 and this will be included in the smart-contract so that everybody will be able to monitor their amount. All the other unicorns in the game will be their children.
What’s genotype?
Genotype is the set of the unicorn’s genes, everyone of each influences one or several appearance and organism physical chracteristics parameters. All unicorns except for the GEN-0 generation species receive their genes, that is genotype from their parents. In other words, genotype is the hereditary information.
Why does unicorns’ genotype consist of two chains?
It just turned out that way. One chain (which by the way is called the chromosome) is obtained from one parent and another cell – from the second one. The heritage process is random, and quantity of every chromosome samples of one species is called ploidy. Thus, the unicorns are diploid creatures.
how many genes in total does a single unicorn have?
Every unicorn within its genotype carries 36 genes, each is represented in 2 samples (chromosomes). These 36 genes are organized in a chain, every gene has its own name and two values (the minor one is called recessive and the major one – dominant). Every gene is manifests itself in one or several external attributes of the unicorn. (this is called phenotype).
What is chromosomes and and gene allels?
Chromosome is the list of genes values. Practically it is a gene chain. A unicorn genotype consists of two chromosomes, having 36 gene values each. Every of 36 genes has two values accordingly (minor – recessive and major – dominant), and these very values are called allels.
How do genes manifest themselves in the appearance?
In accordance with the defined formula every gene transforms (expresses itself) into some physical parameter or appearance feature.These formulas are known for not all of these features and parameters. But the fact is that the GENE-APPEARANCE transformation is definite which can’t be said about backward process.
How do genes manifest themselves in physical characteristics?
For every physical parameter there is a relevant gene which expresses itself in some physical parameter and its value. The higher gene value is the higher is the physical parameter, but the dependence here is by no means linear, and it is very hard to get the highest parameter value.
What are the SEXRTIO and the BTLRTIO genes?
These important genes which are responsible for unicorn recovery (regeneration) rate after mating (SEXRTIO gene) and fight processes (BTLRTIO). They are expressed in a simple way – the lower the values are the faster our unicorn recovers (regenerates) in such cases. In other words these genes are responsible for rest process length.
Why do some of my unicorns have the same genes but different appearances?
The thing is that the expression of genes in the appearance is influenced by some hidden factors: either environment or some indefiniteness of biochemical reactions which results in two unicorns having absolutely same genes of appearance which my manifest themselves differently from each other. Our science department investigates this issue but today we can assume that this has something to do with non-single-valued nature of streaming mechanism.
Why don’t some genes express themselves at all?
It’s hasn’t been figured out yet. Perhaps they have a certain role in these hidden parameters, which influence tiny variations in appearance. There is a hypothesis that they have influence on physical parameters genes. But the working assumption remains that these are “trash genes”, which don’t manifest themselves without reasons. Perhaps in the future they will be fully discovered during further studies.
How to create a new unicorn?
There are 3 ways to do that. First, you can clone your unicorn, you will require only 1 parent for this. Second, you can mate two unicorns and one of them will give birth to a new creature (the owner of the second one will receive a payment for the use of his creature’s gene). Third, one is able to use genetic material of two or more unicorns in the alchemy lab thus randomly combining their genes and breeding a new species.
What is cloning?
Cloning is the receiving of the new unicorn on the gene basis of only one available species (this is called parthenogenesis). In this case the new unicorn inherits both of the chromosomes of the parental creature, but mutations come in play during the process. They result in slight differences of the offspring.
What is mating?
Mating is the birth of the new unicorn on the gene basis of two parental species (almost the same process as human beings have). But unicorns have no gender, so “mother” and “father” are just roles. The owner of “father unicorn” receives a small reward and the owner of “mother unicorn” adopts the newborn unicorn. This new creature receives one random chromosome per parent and again mutations come into play.
How does alchemy work?
Oh, alchemy is the mysterious process, which exists only in the unicorn universe. The owner of the stable can randomly combine the genes of two available unicorns thus receiving a new offspring which is similar looking and differs from its parents simultaneously. As the result one can obtain unique and legendary unicorns. The best alchemists are loking for the Unicorn God.
What is mutation and how often does it happen?
Mutation is the random genotype alteration in the heritage process. Mutations happen almost every time the new unicorn is born. The more aggressive the environment is the higher is the possibility of it to happen. Mutagenic agents alter some genes values randomly and the unicorn obtained may be either better or worse than its parents.
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