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What is UnicornGO?

UnicornGo is an online game in which users will be able to buy, sell, exchange, upgrade, breed and even clone mythical unicorns.

After an oecumenical cataclysm occurred and the human civilization died, our planet is populated by unicorns which are result of genetic and quantum experiments of a mad scientist.

UnicornGO is a beautiful game for intelligent people.

How to play

- buy and sell unicorns on the market;
- breed rare and strong unicorns;
- fight in tournaments;
- produce in-game assets;
- become part of clans and receive titles.


Marketplace cards


Unicorns couple


Fighting unicorns
Screen with Marketplace


Buy a random generation zero unicorn or find your future champion on the market.
Each unicorn is a token which is stored in your personal wallet.

Buy the unicorn
Unicorn's family


Breed your unicorn with strong and rare partners and get valuable offspring.

Buy the unicorn
UnicornGO genetic lab

Genetic mutation

The game's genetic model has been invented by real scientists. It has two DNA strands and thirty-six chromosomes. Brood your one million dollar horse and smash other pets of tournaments.

Buy the unicorn
Fighting unicorns


Collect unicorns with higher characteristics and win crypto currency on tournaments with twenty scenarios. Strength, agility, speed, charisma and intelligence. Find out what you unicorn good at!

Let's play!

In-game assets

You can trade in-game assets with other players and on the in-game exchange.

Candy coin is the basic in-game currency

Nice candy Buy

MegaCandy – used to shorten time needed to recover unicorns after breeding and tournaments

Mega candy

Not for sale
grow it!

Lands are used for growing the magic Candy Trees and produce MegaCandy.

Flying piece of land Buy


How can i talk to the project team?

We are happy to chat with you in a Telegram chat or Discord

How do you differ from other similar type games?

We have intensively worked to perfect the game balance in order to prevent inflation, which is a frequent issue in other games. We have implemented limited resources, and in-game restrictions on production of consumables.
Players also have the opportunity to pair unicorns and get offsprings, which will inherit the genetic information of the parents. Each of us can become a breeder of unicorns, carrying out selection of horses with the most interesting properties. Please read our forum for more details!

So I can raise money by playing the game, right?

Yes, you can breed unicorns and sell them. You may also offer your unicorn for siring (for money). You can also buy land and produce MegaCandy for sale. It's a consumable item everyone needs!

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